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Emma 3

This is a list of music and dances used in the production. Caroline Evans was extremely kind and helpful in sharing her research of the tunes used.

Emma 3 Music

If you like, you may jump to: Quotations from the novel regarding music and dance

Music List

Frank and EmmaFrom Meridian TV via Caroline Evans: Unless noted to the contrary the music was composed and/or arranged by Dominic Muldowney and published by Rider Wood Limited of Iron Bridge House, 3 Bridge Approach, London NW1 8BD. Song titles in order:

  1. Hymn - All People that on Earth do Dwell
  2. Melody Italien/Mi lagnerò tacendo (composed by Rossini)
  3. Father, Father Build me a Boat - Emma and Frank's pianoforte duet.
  4. Wiegen Lied (composed by Mozart, sung by Mary Carewe accompanied on piano by Ian Watson)
  5. Over The Hills and Far Away (traditional composition - from Act 1 of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, 1728
  6. The First of April (out of copyright)
  7. Little Waltz Tune
  8. Oh Limerick is Beautiful
  9. Jacks Maggot (dance description) (out of copyright)
  10. Hole in the Wall (dance description) (as above)
  11. Juice of Barley (dance description) (as above)
  12. Kelsterne Gardens (dance description) (as above)
  13. Bonny Breast Knot (music) (as above) From Eric Foxley's Traditional English Dance Music Database, used with permission.
  14. Donwell Ensemble (Dance Descriptions) - Also, see the "Haste to the Wedding" information below!


Crown Inn Ball