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Other Adaptations

Besides Emmas 1-3 (and now, 4 and 5), there have been a number of "other" adaptations for screen, radio, and stage. With help from a number of site visitors, I've pieced together some information for many of them. As I get more facts, I'll add to this page.

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Other Versions of Emma:

Emma Approved

The Emmy award winning team that brought you The Lizze Bennet Diaries is giving Emma the multi-media web serial treatment! Emma Approved should be an entertaining adaptation of our favorite Austen tale! It began online on October 7, 2013. Information about the Emma Approved serial is available here.


A "Bollywood" Emma dropped in August of 2010 entitled Aisha (alternatively Ayesha). It was produced by Anil and Rhea Kapoor and starred Sonam Kapoor as the eponymous "Emma" character. The official website is located at More details via my update blog's Aisha section.

The initial Aisha production announcement via "Anil Kapoor has announced that he will be producing a version of Jane Austen's 'Emma' for [daughter Sonam] to star in..." Sonam Kapoor herself had publicly mentioned her desire to star in an Emma adaptation on at least one occasion. The Kapoors confirmed the film - titled "Ayesha" after its Emmalike heroine - in February, 2009, and began filming in fall of 2009.

Aisha/Ayesha images located here.


As-yet Unmade Emmas

Still in pre-pre-production (?) is an "urban" version of the Emma story, originally slated for release in 2010 (it didn't make it). I'm not very excited about it (judging from the production camp comments in the article, it sounds like it might rely on racist stereotypes and like it could be...well...rather Clueless), but the information is here for the purposes of completeness.

As of late April, 2009, it was rumored that a sequel to Clueless is in the works, reuniting Alicia Silverstone and Amy Heckerling. Silverstone's representatives deny the rumors, while Heckerling's people say, "No comment." Such a project seems unlikely now, but time will tell.

In 2018, it was announced that a new Emma adaptation AND a remake of Clueless is indeed coming. The Clueless remake is coming from Paramount, producer Tracy Oliver, and writer Marquita Robinson.

Recent Plays:

Older Plays, in Chronological Order:

Live Television Productions

Emma - Judy Campbell
Mr. Knightley - Ralph Michael
Miss Bates - Gillian Lind
Mr. Elton - Richard Hurndall
Mr. Woodhouse - Oliver Burt
Mrs. Elton - Marian Spencer
Frank Churchill - MacDonald Hobley
Harriet Smith - Daphne Slater
Jane Fairfax - Joyce Heron

Radio Versions

Audio Dramas

For more information on the older Austen adaptations, see: