Last updated: 6/30/2023
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Austen Heroines Quiz

Will you be Marianne Dashwood? Lizzy Bennet? Fanny Price? Or someone else? Whomever you score, have fun discovering your Jane Austen character twin. Remember, answer ALL of the questions, and don't peek at the possible results linked below until you've honestly answered the questions!

Which Austen Heroine are You?

1. Are you...

Social and quick to help others?
Romantic and passionate?
Practical and thoughtful?
Witty and sparkling?
Quiet, loyal, and steadfast in your beliefs?
Innocent and romantic?
Self-sacrificing and constant?

2. Your kind of beauty is...

Lovely, with a brilliant complexion and life, spirit, and eagerness in your eyes.
Mature - you were considered pretty when you were younger.
Delicate and pretty, though not the most striking.
Characterized by bright eyes and good teeth.
Not immediately noticed; you are considered to be pretty but very shy.
Healthy and elegant - your height and size are quite pretty, and your complexion radiant. Loveliness itself.
Youthful and earnest - almost pretty.

3. Your hobbies involve...

Romantic stuff...reading Romantic literature, playing the pianoforte, living passionately!
Many things! You take pleasure in a variety of pastimes.
Taking care of what needs to be done. You usually don't indulge your own whims, but you do enjoy painting.
Reading poetry and observing others.
Helping others...improving parties...being the Queen Bee. Sometimes you paint portraits.
Travel and adventure! Reading horrid novels!
Listening to others...bettering your mind through learning foreign languages.

4. Your ideal mate is...

A bit dull on the surface, with a very dashing past. Romantic in a quiet way.
Unpretentious and loving.
Proud and a bit standoffish, but kind-hearted and passionate.
A bit blind to your charms, and sometimes sidetracked by a pretty face and sharp wit.
A good judge of character, with a playful sense of humor.
Mature, generous, and good-looking.

5. Which most accurately describes your family relationships?

You might mother-hen your close relatives a bit, because you have your head on straightest.
You and your mother are most alike - your sister ends up taking care of you both sometimes.
You get on best with your father and eldest sister - your mother and other sisters are completely unlike you.
You're an only child, and tend to baby your father.
You left your biological family in later childhood to live with extended family who didn't appreciate you much.
You're a bit immature, but your parents both love you.
Your family doesn't appreciate you as much as they ought.

6. Which most accurately describes your faults?

You feel deeply, but you let few know.
You are often extremely emotional and usually too brutally honest. You're often short with people who annoy you.
You have a slight tendency toward prejudice - perhaps you ought to get to know people better before you judge them.
You're a bit of a snob, and you tend to meddle.
You tend toward priggishness.
You're naive.
You are easily persuaded when you know you ought to stand firm.

7. If you were portrayed in a film or TV movie, it would be by...

Emma Thompson or Hattie Morahan.
Kate Winslet or Charity Wakefield.
Jennifer Ehle or Keira Knightley.
Gwyneth Paltrow,  Kate Beckinsale, Romola Garai or Anya Taylor-Joy.
Frances O'Connor or Billie Piper.
Katharine Schlesinger or Felicity Jones.
Amanda Root or Sally Hawkins.

8. Which best describes the way you see and deal with people?

You're a pretty good judge of character, but you aren't too vocal about what you discern.
You are sometimes insensible to vital qualities, especially when blinded by dazzlingly romantic characteristics in someone else.
The more you see of the world, the less you are inclined to think of it.
Everyone is a project.
You're an observer, and tend to distrust people who are different than you.
You assign motives based on your own pure feelings.
You're impressed by good people and informed company. Vanity and social climbing don't interest you.

9. How do you love?

Quietly and steadfastly.
Passionately - almost to death.
Faithfully, once you discover how much it is deserved.
Without realizing it.
You're too young to truly understand love sometimes, but it certainly must be like a novel!
You love long, even when hope is gone.

10. Your best friend is...

Your younger sister.
Your older sister.
Your neighbor.
A random nice person who needs you.
Your cousin, who's also your love interest.
Your boyfriend's sister.
You have many friends who depend on you.

11. How do you cope with crises?

You try to be your part, roll with the punches.
Drama. Sometimes you completely lose it, other times you complain about it.
Frustration and worry.
You don't deal well with crises, probably because they often take you by surprise.
You let others deal with it, and congratulate yourself for being right all along.
You can't believe that people treat eachother that way!
You react quickly and expertly.

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