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Reviews and information pertaining to various sequels and literary allusions to Emma.

Emma Sequels & Allusions: Aunt Celia, 1992 - Review by Linda Waldemar

By Jane Gillespie
St. Martin's Press - New York/London, 259 pages
ISBN 0-312-05381-9
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The main characters are Celia Weston, 18, who is the only daughter of Mr. Weston and "poor Miss Taylor" (her name was Anna in Emma), and her niece, Stella Churchill, 16, eldest daughter of Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax. The other characters from Emma that are present are: Mr. Weston (Mrs. Weston has died), Frank Churchill, Miss Bates, Jane Fairfax Churchill (mentioned occasionally and appears less).

The Churchills have moved, temporarily, to Donwell Abbey because Enscombe is having extensive repairs. It is mentioned that the Knightleys still live at Hartfield with Mr. Woodhouse, who is now over 80. Mr. Weston is in character, still friendly and garrulous, but he, in his grief has become very dependent upon his daughter and never considers that she may marry and leave him. Celia, in turn, declares that she will never marry and leave her father. Miss Bates is still excessively talkative. When Mrs. Bates died soon after Jane was married, Miss Bates went to live with her niece and family. Frank Churchill is easily annoyed and often out of spirits. He and Jane have six children.

The adventures of Celia and Stella are not very interesting. The writing is so-so and is nowhere near the style of JA. This is not a dreadful book, but not very good. I would not recommend that you buy it nor actively search for it, but if you should come across it, give it a try.

- Review thanks to Linda Waldemar