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Emma 2

The Emma2 score (runs Runs 42'53") - composed, orchestrated, and produced by Rachel Portman - is a breathtaking example of musical storytelling.

Emma 2 Soundtrack

The main theme is a romantic, bittersweet, and haunting motive, airy and distant, which takes us back to a time and place when life was quiet and cheerful, if not completely happy. It at once encompasses the universality of Austen's work and themes in its broad, sweeping strings, while at the same time capturing the intimate essence of snug, country community in its gentle woodwinds, harp, and quartet components. "Three or four families in a country village is the very thing to work on," Austen once wrote.

Other themes, most notably the forbodingly driving horns and strings of the "Elton's Rejection" and "Emma Insults Miss Bates" themes, bring home the very pressing and real horror of Emma's blind mistakes in contrast to the gentle propriety of the main theme. Paired with the melancholy variation of the Main motive which follows it in "Miss Bates" and "Mr. Knightley Returns," this "Blunder" Theme comes to signify both her anxious revelations and their wretched aftermath.

"The Dance" also perfectly parallels the emotions played out on-screen. As Mr. Knightley rescues the partnerless Harriet, the small sound of the dancehall ensemble is magnified into a glorious, fully-symphonic triumph.

You can buy this soundtrack through If you order through this link, we will get a portion of the proceeds. You can get the piano sheet music for the End Titles and Frank Churchill Arrives in a collection of Austen film music (Emma2,S&S, P&P2, and Persuasion). It's available from Faber Music for about five bucks a set. ISBN 0 571 51793 5.

A fun note - The End Titles track is included in the queue area music loop for the Soarin' attraction at Walt Disney World's Epcot park. The piece is not, however, included in the Condor Flats or Soarin' Over California queue area loops at Disney's California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort.

Enjoy the full soundtrack via this Youtube playlist.

1) Main Title
midi by Helen Prochazka. You may have to save the file to a disk before playing.

2) Harriet's Portrait

3) Sewing & Archery

4) Frank Churchill Arrives

5) Celery Root

6) Mr. Elton's Rejection

7) Emma Tells Harriet About Mr. Elton

8) The Coles' Party

9) Mrs. Elton's Visit

10) Emma Dreams of Frank Churchill

11) The Dance

12) Gypsies

13) The Picnic

14) Emma Insults Miss Bates

15) Emma Writes Her Diary

16) Mr. Knightley Returns

17) Proposal

18) End Titles

Conducted by David Snell. Concertmaster - Peter Manning. Harp - Hugh Webb. Clarinet - Nick Bucknall. Flute - Linda Coffin. Engineer - Keith Grant.