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Cassia and I compiled this quiz for the Pemberley Emma board back in 1997. The answers are linked at the bottom of the page (but don't peek!).

Emma Quiz

  1. What did the Westons name their daughter?
  2. What is the name of the Churchill's estate?
  3. What was Mr. Bates' profession?
  4. Of whom can it be said: "She loved everybody, was interested in everybody's happiness, quick-sighted to everybody's merit, thought herself a most fortunate creature..."
  5. Harriet mentions two books to Robert Martin which he had never heard of before, but promises to read. Name one of them, and for a one point bonus, name the author.
  6. What is Mr. Perry's profession?
  7. Answer Mr. Elton's two riddles.
  8. Where does Mr. Elton meet Miss Hawkins?
  9. What action does Emma take to get out of the way when she and Harriet walk past Mr. Elton's parsonage?
  10. Who tires Emma to death?
  11. What is Mr. Woodhouse's favourite dish?
  12. How does Mr. Elton get Emma alone?
  13. Where did Frank Churchill meet Jane Fairfax, and it what month?
  14. What is the name of Highbury's principal shop?
  15. What was Frank Churchill's heroic act?
  16. Who made up the Box Hill Party?
  17. Name the loves of Harriet Smith.
  18. What does Mrs. Elton call her husband?
  19. What makes Emma realise she loves Mr. Knightley?
  20. How does Mr. Knightley come to know he loves Emma?
  21. What did Harriet's father do?
  22. What do the alphabets that Frank Churchill places in front of Jane Fairfax read? For a one-point bonus, what does the last, unread puzzle spell?
  23. Who sponsors the ball? Where is it held?
  24. Name three major omissions in one, two, or each of the three adaptations.
  25. What color are Emma's eyes?
  26. According to ______, Emma is the picture of ______ ______.
  27. What malady strikes Harriet Smith just before the Christmas party?
  28. What are the names of the pieces sung in duet by Emma and Frank in both Emma2 and Emma3?
  29. What is the name of Mr. Knightley's property manager?
  30. Where do the Martins live?
  31. Where do the Westons live?
  32. How old was Emma when her mother died?
  33. What is the age difference between Isabella and Emma? How old are they in the book?
  34. How old is Harriet? Mr. Elton? Mr. Knightley? Frank?
  35. Why do Frank and Jane keep their engagement secret?
  36. What was Mr. Weston's piece of "indifferent wit" offered at Box Hill?
  37. When he arrives at Donwell for the strawberry outing, where does Frank express interest in going - and in doing?
  38. How long was Miss Taylor at Hartfield?
  39. Name two books mentioned in the novel other that the one you used in the previous quiz.
  40. How long has Emma been meaning to read more?
  41. How many nieces and nephews does Emma have? For an extra point per name, what are their names?
  42. In which part of London do the Mr. John Knightleys reside?
  43. Why does Emma feel she will never be like Miss Bates if she chooses to remain single?
  44. What favour did Frank Churchill do for Mrs. Bates? What favor did he do for Jane on the same visit?
  45. What rank was Jane Fairfax's father, and in what branch of service?
  46. What rank was Mr. Weston, and in what branch of service?
  47. Where does Mr. Elton stay while in Bath?
  48. With what does Mr. Knightley gift the Bateses?
  49. Where do the Bateses live?
  50. Who is the Bates' maid?
  51. Where was Mrs. Churchill when she died?
  52. How many years has it been since Frank Churchill has spent time at his father's home?
  53. Who was at the Weston's wedding party? What notable personage was absent?
  54. Name two key words which are repeated with regularity throughout the novel.
  55. What notable personage is erroneously absent from the Box Hill Scene in Emma1?
  56. Who first warns Emma about Mr. Elton's true motives?
  57. With whom does Mrs. Elton offer Jane Fairfax a position? Where did the alphabets scene take place?
  58. To whom did Austen dedicate the novel, and why?
  59. Where was the Churchills' home located? At which other places do they reside during the story?
  60. Using Emma's exact words, what did Mr. Knightley see in Mr. Elton which Emma wished she had seen herself?
  61. How old was Emma when she first "set up" the Westons?
  62. In what month did Frank first come to Highbury?
  63. Where do Emma and Mr. Knightley go for their "honeymoon"?
  64. What were Mrs. Goddard's students in no danger of returning home as?
  65. Who is Serle? Who is Wingfield?
  66. Which favorite book of Harriet's had Robert Martin read? What material does Mr. Martin usually read?
  67. Name three male characters who journey from Highbury to London.
  68. How many pounds make up "an independent fortune, of so many pound?" What was Emma's fortune? Miss Hawkins'?
  69. On what date did the Box Hill Picnic take place? Bonus - give the reason why this date is of particular significance to one member of the party.
  70. At which seaside town did Isabella Knightley's family spend their autumn vacation?
  71. In which month does Emma marry Mr. Knightley? Harriet Robert Martin, Jane Fairfax, Frank Churchill?
  72. How long have the Coles resided in Highbury?
  73. What is Frank's full name?
  74. Give the first names of:

    Miss Bates
    Mrs. Fairfax
    Mr. Woodhouse
    The lawyer-son of the Coxes'
    Mr. Elton
    Miss Martin (the eldest)

  75. What food product comprised Mr. Martin's gift to Harriet?
  76. What gift did Emma send to the distraught Jane Fairfax?
  77. According to Emma, from which family comes, "without exception, the most vulgar girls in Highbury" ?
  78. What town does Mrs. Elton come from?
  79. What was Harriet's keepsake-box wrapped in? What words did Emma find written on Harriet's keepsake-box wrapping? What was inside the box?
  80. When did Mr. Knightley's suspicion regarding Frank and Jane First arise? What occurred just prior to the alphabets scene to make his suspicions grow further?
  81. Who said:

    "My advice I certainly do feel tempted to give. Miss Fairfax, you must not run such risks."

    "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."

    "Mrs Dixon! Very true indeed. I had not thought of Mrs. Dixon."

    "One cannot creep upon a journey; one cannot help getting on faster than one has planned: and the pleasure of coming in upon one's friends before the look-out begins is worth a great deal more than any little exertion it needs."

    " very sad it would be to have Jane Fairfax walking home again, late at night, and cold as the nights are now."

    "The public pays and must be served well." ?

  82. In what month does Frank Churchill expect to arrive in Highbury? Presumably, with what event is the visit concocted to coincide? When does he actually arrive? How long does he stay, and when does he return?
  83. In what year is the novel generally believed to have taken place? (Hint: R.W. Chapman)

Yay! You're done! Go HERE for the answers!!!!!!