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Emma 2

These quotations are almost entirely original to the film adaptation, and though many of them are based on the actual dialog/narrator's comments from the novel, they are not to be considred literary gospel! Cass Farrell and I pulled these together back in 1997.

Emma 2 Quotations

  1. Greta Scaatchi, in narration: In a time when one's town was one's world, and the actions at a dance created greater interest than the movement of armies, there lived a young woman who knew how this world should be run.

  2. Emma: The most beautiful thing in the world is a match well made!

  3. Emma and Mr. Knightley spar over the value of rendering "services" to Mr. Elton:

  4. - Mr. Knightley: Mr. Elton is a man of twenty-six. He knows how to take care of himself.
    - Emma: One does not like to generalise about so many people all at once, Mr Knightley, but you may be sure that men know nothing about their hearts, whether they be six and twenty, or six and eighty! - excepting you of course, father! (to her daddy)

  5. On the subject of Mr. Elton's contribution to Harriet's and Emma's riddle book...

    - Mr Knightley: Emma-why didn't you ask me to contribute?
    - Emma: Your entire personality is a riddle, Mr Knightley. I thought you over-qualified.

  6. Harriet, to Emma, regarding Mr. Martin's letter of proposal: Is it a good letter or too short?

  7. Emma, noodging Harriet to reject Robert Martin: It is not my place to intrude in personal matters. But - as your friend, I could make an exception...

  8. Emma, on Mr. Knightley's reaction to Harriet's refusal of Robert Martin: The most incomprehensible thing in the world, to a man, is a woman who rejects his offer of marriage!

  9. Emma, on male hypocrisy: Humph! You dismiss her beauty and good nature, yet I would be very much mistaken if your sex in general does not think those claims the highest a woman could possess!

  10. Mr. Knightley to Emma, with intense conviction and double meaning, on her refusal to acknowledge Harriet inferior to Mr. Martin: Men of sense, whatever you may say, do not want silly wives!

  11. Mr. Knightley, on Emma's poorly-aimed arrow: Try not to kill my dogs.

  12. Mr. Knightley, on Emma's manipulation of Harriet: Vanity working on a weak mind produces all kinds of mischief.

  13. Mr. Knightley, to Emma: Better to be without sense than misapply it as you do.

  14. Emma and Mr. Knightley agree to disagree:

    - Emma: How fascinating that any discordancy between us must always arise from my being wrong.
    - Mr. Knightley: Not fascinating, but true.

  15. Mr. Knightley, on his relationship with Emma: Is it not a brother's job to find fault with his sister?

  16. Emma: What's the point of being almost twenty-two when there is so much in the world yet to learn?

  17. Emma to Mr. Elton:

    - Emma: Thank you for being so thoughtful.
    - Mr. Elton: Thank you for thinking I was being so thoughtful.

  18. Miss Bates' mind: Mr. Elton, your sermon on Daniel in the Lions Den - so powerful, so inspiring...It left us speechless and we have not stopped talking of it since.

  19. Emma tries to ditch Elton at the Christmas Party:

    - Emma: I wondered if you might be so kind to bring me some punch.
    - Elton: I only hope I can complete the task quickly enough.
    - Emma: Please! I could not enjoy it if I knew you had hurried!

  20. Emma rejects Mr. Elton: Sit Back! And kindly refrain from the intimacy of whispering.

  21. Harriet moons over Mr. Elton:

    - Harriet: Mr. Elton had brown eyes too.
    - Emma: Harriet, there is only once place I can think of where you will not be able to speak of Mr. Elton. Indeed, you may not be able to speak at all.
    - Cut to Miss Bates, at the Bates': Miss Woodhouse - what a special treat. Isn't it Mother? TREAT.

  22. Emma's jealousy of Jane Fairfax and her interest in Frank Churchill:

    - Mr. Knightley: Why should you care so much about Frank Churchill?...Perhaps you dislike her because she divides our attentions from you.
    - Emma: Really, Mr. Knightley - you are so comical. You ought to perform in the town square.

  23. Frank Churchill, rescuing Emma at the creek: Is your horse washing his feet or are there darker forces at work?

  24. Emma, in response to Mrs. Weston's pairing Jane Fairfax with Mr. Knightley: Mrs. Weston, do not take to matchmaking - you do it ill! Jane Fairfax and Mr. knightley? Every feeling revolts!!

  25. Emma's jealousy of Jane Fairfax, during the pianoforte scene:

    -Mr. Knightley: Doesn't she play marvellously?
    - Emma: How sweet to have lent your carriage to her so her fingers would be warm enough for the performance.
    - Mr. Knightley: Your playing was lovely.
    - Emma: Much inferior to Miss Fairfax's.
    - Mr. Knightley: No - no, it was very...elegant.

  26. Mrs. Weston, on why Mr. Knightley must love Jane: He is so very much occupied by the idea of not being in love with her, it is certain he is.

  27. Emma on Frank, as he suddenly departs Highbury: He loves me. I felt listless after he left and had some sort of a headache, so I must be in love too.

  28. Emma, on Mrs. Elton: Could it be possible that he met her while doing charitable work in a mental infirmary?

  29. On social events, as they play with the dogs:

    - Mr Knightley, on social events: I want to stay here where it's cozy. I'd rather fetch that stick.
    - Emma: I'll try to remember to bring it to the ball.

  30. Emma, on Mrs. Elton: Vulgar woman! She actually called him Knightley. I must throw her a party; otherwise everyone will see clearly how much I despise her.

  31. Mr. Elton, getting out of dancing with Harriet at the Crown: I am an old married man. My dancing days are over...

  32. Mr. Knightley, before he leaves for London: The truest friend does not doubt, but hope.

  33. Emma, to Mrs. Weston, on the supposed romance between Mr. Knightley and Harriet Smith: I hope his brother tells him to be careful; for we do not know who her parents are. They might be pirates!

  34. Emma to Mrs. Weston, on her love for Mr. Knightley: I love him so dearly, so greatly. Outside you and father, his is the only opinion I care about. No one must marry Mr Knightley but me.

  35. Emma, to God: Dear Lord, if he cannot share a life with me, is it wrong to ask that he not share it with anyone? That we go on as we go on now, him stopping by - always the brightest part of our lives, a natural and easy member of the family. I would be content if he would just stay single, Lord. That would be enough for me to be perfectly satisfied. ALMOST. Amen.

  36. Emma, as she attempts to divine Mr. Knightley's feelings for Harriet by method of flower petals: I don't think we should keep daisies in the garden. They really are drab little flowers.

  37. Mr. Knightley to Emma, upon his return from London: I do not wish to call you my friend, because I hope to call you something infinitely more dear..My brother's house is always a place of comfort to me, but seeing your sister there kept you fresh in my mind and the torture I can assure you was acute.

  38. Mr. Knightley, during the proposal scene: So, I rode home anxious for your feelings, keen to be near you. I rode through the rain and I would ride through worse than that if I could just hear your voice telling me that I might at least have...some chance to win you.

  39. Mr. Knightley: Perhaps it's our imperfections which make us so perfect for one another.

  40. Mr. Knightley: Marry me! My wonderful, darling friend....

  41. Emma: Now, I will not call you Mr Knightley. But, now, you are my Mr Knightley.

  42. Mrs. Elton, at the wedding: I do not profess to be an expert in the field of fashion, though my friends say I have quite the eye. But, I can tell you there was a shocking lack of satin.