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The Novel

The following is a list of characters appearing in the novel, compiled via the efforts of many people.

A List of Characters in Jane Austen's Emma

Character Description
Mr. Perry Apothecary of Highbury with family: Mrs. Perry and the Perry Children
Mr. Wingfield John Knightley's apothecary
Mrs. Wallis Bakes apples for Miss Bates
Mr. John Knightley George Knightley's brother. Marries Isabella Woodhouse.
Master George Knightley Child of Isabella Woodhouse and John Knightley
Master Henry Knightley Child of Isabella Woodhouse and John Knightley
Master John Knightley Child of Isabella Woodhouse and John Knightley
Miss Bella Knightley Child of Isabella Woodhouse and John Knightley
Miss Emma Knightley Child of Isabella Woodhouse and John Knightley
Mr. Bragge Cousin of Mr. Suckling
Mrs. Bragge Cousin of Mr. Suckling
Miss Jane Fairfax Daughter of Lieutenant Fairfax and Jane Bates Fairfax. Niece of Miss Hetty Bates.
Miss Jane Bates Daughter of Rev. Mr. Bates and Mrs. Bates, sister to Miss Hetty Bates, mother of Jane Fairfax.
Miss Hetty Bates Daughter of Rev. Mr. Bates and Mrs. Bates, sister to Miss Jane Bates (married Lt. Fairfax), aunt to Jane Fairfax
Miss Anna Weston Daughter of the Westons
Braithwaite Family - friends of Mr. and Mrs. Churchill
Rev. Mr. Bates Father to Miss Jane Bates and Miss Hetty Bates
Old John Abdy For 27 years clerk to the late Rev. Mr. Bates
Mrs. Bird Friend of Augusta Elton (Hawkins)
Mrs. Brown Friend of Augusta Elton Hawkins
Mr. Green Friend of Augusta Hawkins Elton at Bath
Mr. Graham Friend of Mr. John Knightley
Colonel Campbell Friend/patron of Jane Fairfax
Mrs. Campbell Friend/patron of Jane Fairfax. Daughter, Miss Campbell, married Mr Dixon
Anne Taylor/Mrs. Weston Governess to Emma and Isabella Woodhouse, marries Mr. Weston
John Saunders Miss Bates considers taking her mother's spectacles to him to fix
James Hartfield coachman
Serle Hartfield cook
Mr. Henry Woodhouse Hartfield, Highbury. Daughter Isabella m. John Knightley. Daughter Emma m. George Knightley
Miss Nash Head teacher at Mrs. Goddard's school
Mr. George Knightley Our hero! Old friend of the Woodhouse family, primary landowner and magistrate of the parish, and older brother of John Knightley; marries Emma Woodhouse
Miss Emma Woodhouse Heroine, marries George Knightley
Miss Caroline Otway Highbury resident
Mr. Arthur Otway Highbury resident
Mr. George Otway Highbury resident
Mr. and Mrs. Cole Highbury residents
Mr. and Mrs. Otway Highbury residents
Mrs. Ford Highbury shopkeeper
Mrs. Hodges Housekeeper at Donwell Abbey
Wright Housekeeper at the vicarage
William Larkins Manager/overseer Donwell Abbey
Lieutenant Fairfax Married Jane Bates; Jane Fairfax's father.
Miss. Augusta Hawkins/Mrs. Elton Marries Mr. Elton, sister to Selina
Miss Selina Hawkins Marries Mr. Suckling, sister to Augusta
Miss Churchill Mr. Churchill's sister. Married Captain Weston and had son Frank C. Weston Churchill
Mr. Suckling Of Maple Grove, near Bristol; m. Selina Hawkins
Mrs. Goddard Owner of school for girls in Highbury
Miss Bickerton Parlour border at Mrs Goddard's school
Tom Servant (at Randalls?)
Harry Servant at Donwell Abbey
Hannah Servant at Randalls, daughter of James the Hartfield coachman
Patty Servant to Mrs. and Miss Bates
Frank Churchill Son of Captain Weston and Miss Churchill, adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Churchill of Enscombe
John Abdy Son of Old John, ostler and head man at the Crown
Mrs. Stokes The Crown Inn at Highbury
Miss Harriet Smith The natural daughter of somebody - marries Robert Martin. Mrs. Goddard's former student and, during the story, current parlor-boarder.
Rev. Mr. Philip Elton Vicar of Highbury, marries Miss Augusta Hawkins
Mrs. Bates Widow of Rev. Mr. Bates, mother to Miss Jane Bates m. Lieut. Fairfax, and Miss Hetty Bates.
Mrs. James Cooper friend of Augusta Hawkins Elton
Mrs. Partridge friend of Augusta Hawkins Elton
Mrs. Smallridge friend of Sucklings and Bragges, offered Jane Fairfax a governess position
Mr. William Coxe lawyer; a second young Coxe, the two Miss Coxes; Miss Anne Coxe
Miss Campbell married Mr. Dixon
Mrs. Martin of Abbey-Mill-Farm. Son, Robert. Daughters, Elizabeth and one other.
Mr. Dixon of Balycraig, Ireland, married Miss Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Churchill of Enscombe in Yorkshire, fostered Frank Weston Churchill
Captain (Mr.) Weston of Randalls near Hartfield. Marries 1) Miss Churchill of Enscombe (son Frank C. Weston Churchill), 2) Miss Anna Taylor
Farmer Mitchell provides Mr Weston with umbrellas
Mr. Richard Hughes resident of Highbury
Dr. and Mrs. Hughes residents of Highbury
Mrs. Jeffereys see Partridge
Miss Prince teacher at Mrs. Goddard's school
Miss Richardson teacher at Mrs. Goddard's school
Tupman upstart who settled near the Suckling home of Maple Grove
Misses Abbot the two Abbots (first names unknown), students at Mrs. Goddard's school
Gilbert the two Gilberts, Highbury residents
Miss Clara Partridge AKA Mrs. Jeffereys, friend of Mrs. Elton
The Two Miss Milmans friends of Mrs. Elton; their married names are Mrs. Bird and Mrs. James Cooper

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